Addon for OIW

Addon for Click to chat

[Version 1.2]
Download link:

Since March 9 apps with calls or sms permissions are restringed and not allowed unless certain criteria is met.
Below is a copy of the play store page as it was before, with a download link to manually install the apk.

IMPORTANT!!!!: If you don't know what an apk is or how to install apps without Play Store, close this page (the process is harmless if you know what you are doing, otherwise it can become a security problem). If you still want to know how to install it, just search how to on the Internet.
For those who do know how to install them, the MD5 of the file is CE62E81F9EE8B851D4C9EF55B697E869.

This is an addon for the app "Click to chat"
It allows that app to load the list of the recent unknown numbers, by providing the necessary permissions. It will only work with version 2.0 or up.

This app contains the minimum necessary code to provide those permissions. You can't launch it and it won't be shown on your desktop, it will only be useful if you have the main application too (where an extra button will be shown).

I repeat: This app by itself does NOTHING. It is an addon. Installing it without having the main app is totally useless.


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  3. Can you help me in customising a small addon for WhatsApp.

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  10. Good Morning ! here from Brazil (laughs). Excellent apk, but needs incrementing; Option when asking to open or share start a conversation with others WhatsApp (Clone). Option when copying a phone number link to open the program and choose which WhatsApp you want the message to be sent to.

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