28 September 2020

New app: Url checker (V 0.0)

Its new app time!


This is a tool that I have personally used myself over the past few months, but now it is publicly available for anyone to use! (still as a beta). As usual no ads, no extra permissions, you know how it goes.

Check the description about the exact details of the app, but a quick summary is: when you open a link (an url), instead of opening it directly in the browser you can open it on this app, which acts as a middle step to check, review, scan, edit and even share the url before really opening it. Specially useful when you need to click links on emails or external apps. The app is based on a modular setup, with different modules you can enable/disable. Currently only three modules are available, but I expect more to come. The code will also be on GitHub (still on it) so others can contribute.

11 September 2020

New version of Average data usage widget (V 3.0)

V 3.0
- Configurable period length (any number of days or months).
- New tweak: advanced secondary bars
- Improved settings screen

IMPORTANT! This new update has a newer period management, which needs the starting day and the period length. After updating, the previous configuration will be automatically migrated to the new version, but you may want to check it just in case. 

Edit: a new beta was released that fixes the 'invalid first update after period changes' bug.

At last! It wasn't easy, but not as hard as I expected at first. This new version allow you to choose any arbitrary period length! Now you can choose a daily period, a 21 days period, 28 days, or even 12 months period if you want (any positive days or months). In fact internally it can have any time, even hours or years, however for simplicity the user interface only allows days or month.

This new version uses a different approach: previously you only needed to specify the day of the change (for 1 month periods) and calculating the current percentage of the current period was almost instant, with just a saved parameter (the last month) to know when the period was changed. 

Now that you can specify an arbitrary length the app uses a different approach: it has a configurable 'start of the period' date that uses to know the percentage of the current period. But it also allows to know when the period changes, and does the update.

I've tried myself this new version for a few days and it seem to work fine, however I need real users to test under real conditions, so I hope at least someone in the beta is able to try it. 

As the notice in the changelog implies, this new method uses new configuration, and although there is special code to migrate it, it may fail in some cases so better check that it worked. This is also the reason why the version was increased to 3.0.

There are other minor modifications, like some internal cleanup, but also a new tweak (that may be the default in future versions) to show a better secondary progress bar indicator when you have accumulated data. Specifically (sp is the saved periods parameter):

[1,oo) = more than the current usage -> show full, unchanged
[0,1) = normal usage -> don't show, unchanged
[-sp+1,0) = saved data -> % in this range, previously was rounded to 100%
[-sp,-sp+1) = will be lost -> % in this range, unchanged
(-oo,-sp) = more than one period will be lost -> show nothing, previously was rounded to 100%

06 September 2020

New version of Click to chat (V 2.11.1)

V 2.11.1
- Updated Indonesia and Russian translations
- Fixed crash on Instant app version

The usual 'translation update'.

Also fixes some crashes with the instant app version, and a few internal tweaks for changes in 2.11 (scrolling when expanding works now again and when enabling merged boxes the saved prefix text is updated).


I have a noticeable change I want to make for a next version, but not sure when I'll be able to, or if it will be possible to have in 2.12.

30 August 2020

New version of Custom Riddle Generator (V 2.1)

V 2.1
- Removed controversial Mulan reference in the demo (note: this will only be applied to new installs or when the app folder is deleted)

Since I published the demo from the Custom Riddle Generator tool, I've received bad reviews due to a misunderstood Mulan reference. 

The old sentence in the 'wrong number' page was "You put a wrong number! Dishonor! Dishonor on your whole family! Dishonor on you, dishonor on your cow!" and some people found it selfish and didn't like it. I sincerely apologize, it was just a simple reference to a maybe-not-so-famous Mulan quote. I replace it with the "If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again". New installs that load the demo will have this new version, but old installs will keep the old sentence due to the demo being loaded at install only. If you had the app installed and you want to get the new sentence, simply delete the app folder (/sdcard/CustomRiddle) and start the app again, which will force the loading of the new demo version.

I also used this change to upload the project to GitHub: https://github.com/TrianguloY/NumericRiddleGenerator

25 August 2020

New version of Click to chat (V 2.11)

V 2.11
- New option: Restore prefix on close
- New option: Auto-open when a number is selected
- Fix reopened number when launched from recents
- Enabled animations
- Missing South Sudan prefix code

I wasn't planning to upload a new update so soon, however support since the previous version has increased slightly, but notably. This is like a thank you, specially for those who helped.


The update doesn't contains big changes, but still it contains some interesting ones.

First there is an often requested way of having a 'default prefix'. The way I finally implemented it is by disabling the update of the saved prefix, so you can edit it as much as you want, but when you close and open the app, the original will be instead (unless you open a number rock already contains a prefix, which will replace it that time but not on next opening).

The second notable change is a toggle to auto-open when selecting a number. This is like if the open button was pressed automatically (if possible) when a number is filled, either when pasting from the clipboard button, when choosing from the agenda screen (recents/pinned) but also when opening via a sharing intent. This allows to seamlessly open whatsapp from any app by selecting a number, and then clicking the app (if shown) or clicking share and then the app. Note that since the number may need to be edited (specially the prefix) when you press back the app is shown in order to try again if needed. There is also a fix for an issue that was opening the previous number when you launched the app from the recents screen (previously it simply pasted the number, but now it can also opens it so it was more notable).

The last and surely more interesting change is that I enabled the default animations (will only play on android +4.0 ). This was basically a one line of code (for each screen) and although the result could be a bit odd in some cases, in general the app seems to look smoother. In any case I'll check comments from beta users in case they report it to be confusing or needs more tweaking.

20 August 2020

New version of Average data usage widget (V 2.4)

V 2.4

- Fixed incorrect accumulated after a period change
- New tweak: Hide bars
- New tweak: Hide labels
- Always show secondary progress while negative (-50% = -150%...)

A very minor update, but with a fix for how the accumulated data was computed, which lead to incorrect values.

It also adds two new tweaks to hide either the bars or the texts in the normal widget (specially useful in the compressed version) and now the secondary progress is always shown rounded to the percentage (previously it was only shown when between -100 and 0). This is useful to check how many data you will lose on the next period, for example.

02 August 2020

New version of Click to chat (V 2.10.2)

V 2.10.2
- Detect numbers in format 123(456)78.9
- Missing Mozambique prefix
- Fix Portuguese not shown in dialog list
- Added more links (support, phone format help, profile)

This version is just a minor update with some fixes and small adjustments. I would like to make more bigger changes (I have some interesting ideas) but from now on this is all my motivation let me do.