20 October 2019

Lucky app statistics

A different type of post, but wanted to post it.

The 'Lucky app' I published a while ago just passed 100 downloads, so I think it is now a god time to test if Play Store does keep the rollout percent and works as expected.

Currently there are two versions of the app. The 'unlucky' apk (version code 1) is the default and then the 'lucky' apk (version code 2) is set as a rollout release available for the 10% of global users.

(sorry for the spanish screenshots)

At the time of this writing, the app was downloaded 101 times by new users. And out of those 101 download, 10 were of the lucky apk (code 2).

(the screenshot is from the developer app, the developer web page statistics are broken and don't display this information, and again sorry for the spanish texts)

So, I guess it is correct to say that Play Store does work as expected! Congratulations to those 10 lucky users, and don't worry for the other 91, hopefully the separation is random and you can be picked for other rollout apps. But that is for another experiment.

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