04 September 2019

New version of Click to chat (V 2.8)

(The post became very long, so I decided to move the changelog above.)

Current status: stable

V 2.8
- New Agenda list. Ability to pin items with name.
- Option to create shortcuts.
- Adaptive icon for Android 8.0+

A bit late for this one (both the update and the post) but it's finally here!
The update may seem just another one at first, but it includes some big changes I planned to include since version 2.0, or even before, but never found the time to implement them...until now.
Presenting: the agenda list!
Previously you had a 'recents' list, a clock button at the right of the input textbox, that when clicked showed a list of the 5 most recent numbers (unless you had it disabled from settings). This list wasn't configurable, and a lot of users requested to be able to delete individual numbers.
So first I started by trying to improve the default-and-easy dialog into a configurable-but-difficult one. It wasn't an easy task, but I have made others recently in other apps, so I was more confident now.
But, while making it, I though about another very requested feature: the ability to 'pin' numbers. I was making a configurable list, so adding another one wasn't that difficult.
And I managed, so now you can both delete individual numbers from the recent list, and add them to a permanent pinned one! With names! :D
The current implementation is very basic (and ugly, but I refuse to sextuplicate the app size just to add a library with the 80% of assets unused) still it allows for the basic operations: add, remove, pin, unpin.

But wait, there is more!
I started to play with the shortcut creation, another highly requested feature (even though you can do it from WhatsApp itself). And it was very easy, so now you can also create shortcuts for the numbers, even with text! The button should be shown when clicking the arrow button at the bottom (if not, please contact me!).

It comes with a problem: the SHORTCUT permission is needed. After thinking about it I decided that the new feature is more important than the no-permission rule, because this permission is practically harmless (unlike the internet permission, which has the same importance: minimal. That's right, being able to transfer you data to unknown servers has the same level of importance than creating shortcuts. Blame Google).

This also allows to fill that dynamic shortcuts list from android 8+, and which better data to fill that with the pinned items.

Oh, and last but not least, the icon was upgraded to a dynamic icon, for android 8+ too unfortunately.

Phew, that was long, if you managed to read until here: thank you, really.

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