09 October 2019

New app: Preview video (beta)

New app!
It was available on beta, and it is still on beta, but I think it is ready for public testing.

The app allows to preview YouTube videos using a highly unused YouTube feature.

Important! This is not a PIP (Picture in Picture) replacement to view videos while using other apps, or a way to listen videos in background, or a way to avoid video-ads (they will also be displayed). [If you want that you can use an advanced app].

This is like a mini-player, and it is an official YouTube feature used by a special intent, so it is basically the same as opening normally, BUT:
- the video loads a bit faster (no comments/related ui) 
- the video can be closed with the back button without returning to the main screen and without loading again when reopening the app.
- but most importantly: the video is not added to your view history! No more useless recommendations because someone sent you a link without a screenshot!

You can find more information in the Play Store page.

Criticism is welcomed! (better if constructive)

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