30 November 2019

New version of click to chat (V 2.8.4)

V 2.8.4
- Fixed incorrect link generation
- Preparations for Instant app release.

The instant app release was ready from weeks ago, but I've been as busy as never and didn't want to publish it in case it would break something and I wouldn't have the time to fix it. I'm still busy, but I feel that I can't wait more, I want to publish it, so I really hope nothing breaks. Go beta users!

Also, I was waiting for another change (because the instant app preparations don't change anything in the normal app) but I couldn't spend time with new features, and no translations came. Until a user noticed a bug in the link generation. I don't know why the app worked, I guess WhatsApp ignore errors in links, but anyway it is fixed now.

If the beta is ok, I'll publish it as stable, and then...as instant app.

27 October 2019

New version of click to chat (V 2.8.3) + addon (V 1.2)

V 2.8.3
- Option to limit unknown calls list. Requires Addon version 1.2+
- Fixed recent messages list not shown
- Internal change related to publication

A new version of click to chat, with just a fix and a minor but very requested change regarding the addon. Now you can limit the amount of recent numbers to show (1-10, or disabled) so that it is a lot faster to load. This unfortunately requires a new version of the addon, which due to not be possible to be available on play store you need to manually update it, just by downloading and installing the new apk.

I also changed the way the app is published, and hopefully (if nothing breaks) next version will have a very interesting new way of using the app.

20 October 2019

Lucky app statistics

A different type of post, but wanted to post it.

The 'Lucky app' I published a while ago just passed 100 downloads, so I think it is now a god time to test if Play Store does keep the rollout percent and works as expected.

Currently there are two versions of the app. The 'unlucky' apk (version code 1) is the default and then the 'lucky' apk (version code 2) is set as a rollout release available for the 10% of global users.

(sorry for the spanish screenshots)

At the time of this writing, the app was downloaded 101 times by new users. And out of those 101 download, 10 were of the lucky apk (code 2).

(the screenshot is from the developer app, the developer web page statistics are broken and don't display this information, and again sorry for the spanish texts)

So, I guess it is correct to say that Play Store does work as expected! Congratulations to those 10 lucky users, and don't worry for the other 91, hopefully the separation is random and you can be picked for other rollout apps. But that is for another experiment.

15 October 2019

New experiment: Instant intent

I'm on fire lately...


This is an experiment (not enough content to mark it as an 'app') that allows to open intents directly, without installing anything (well, you do need to install the instant app, but play store does it for you if you accept). You can find more information and examples on its url page:


This may seem like nothing, but this is the first time I'm implementing instant apps...and they are incredible easy to do (in theory) and useful!
If only I have an app that could benefit from it...one that takes very low size...doesn't need to store anything big...and is normally a one-time-use app...



09 October 2019

New app: Preview video (beta)

New app!
It was available on beta, and it is still on beta, but I think it is ready for public testing.

The app allows to preview YouTube videos using a highly unused YouTube feature.

Important! This is not a PIP (Picture in Picture) replacement to view videos while using other apps, or a way to listen videos in background, or a way to avoid video-ads (they will also be displayed). [If you want that you can use an advanced app].

This is like a mini-player, and it is an official YouTube feature used by a special intent, so it is basically the same as opening normally, BUT:
- the video loads a bit faster (no comments/related ui) 
- the video can be closed with the back button without returning to the main screen and without loading again when reopening the app.
- but most importantly: the video is not added to your view history! No more useless recommendations because someone sent you a link without a screenshot!

You can find more information in the Play Store page.

Criticism is welcomed! (better if constructive)

06 October 2019

New version of Click to Chat (V 2.8.2)

V 2.8.2
- Added Hebrew translation. Many thanks to Yoni Cohen jonbir3!

Minor update, just a hebrew locale translation, but also a Play Store page update. And all thank to Yoni Cohen jonbir3 who sent it from Github (which is a lot easier and faster than email!...even though I couldn't prepare it sooner, sorry).

26 September 2019

New version of Click to Chat (V 2.8.1)

Just a very minor update, as usual after medium ones.

V 2.8.1
- Updated Russian translation
- Fixed rare bug when opening the agenda