02 August 2020

New version of Click to chat (V 2.10.2)

V 2.10.2
- Detect numbers in format 123(456)78.9
- Missing Mozambique prefix
- Fix Portuguese not shown in dialog list
- Added more links (support, phone format help, profile)

This version is just a minor update with some fixes and small adjustments. I would like to make more bigger changes (I have some interesting ideas) but from now on this is all my motivation let me do.

29 June 2020

New version Average data usage widget (V 2.3)

V 2.3
- Changed accumulate data checkbox to slider, to specify how many months it is accumulated (if was enabled it is now 1)

A really small update, but with a new feature.

19 June 2020

Click to chat web version

I've received a few times questions about a web version of the click to chat app. I have always answered that you don't need any app, you can simply use the wa.me link.
However recently I noticed that by opening that link in a pc, it opens the WhatsApp app (if you have it installed) and not the WhatsApp web version. So I decided to make a very simple page that allows you to choose between the normal link (which opens the app) and the web version link (which opens WhatsApp web). It also even works on a mobile browser if you prefer.

Currently the page is as basic as can be (similar to how the V 1.0 of the main app was!) but this time it is available publicly on GitHub for anyone to check or even suggest changes.

25 May 2020

New version of Click to chat (V 2.10.1)

V 2.10.1
- Updated Indonesia and Russian translations
- Fixed rare crash with duplicated clicks

A minor update that I should have made days ago. My apologies specially for the translators.

Important! The alternate way to open Samsung's dual messenger version (and maybe others but people are reporting it doesn't work with many others) is still available.

Check all the information in the 2.10 update.

11 April 2020

New version of Click to chat (V 2.10)

V 2.10
- Improved prefix and number input with keyboard
- Setting for alternate opening (instead of long tapping)
- Fix prefix when opening from call intent
- Latest Indonesia changes

Hmm, this update is special. But not for the alternate setting (which you could use by long tapping the open button, now it is just an option), not for the fix when opening call intents, and also not for the Indonesia update. No, there is a secret change disabled by default, but to find more info about it you need to read the text below the break.

Edit: new beta with improved keyboard input for the prefix and number inputs. Now if the number doesn't fit it is displayed on multiple lines (instead of hidden) and also now the keyboard should display as the standard phone keypad, with working next/open action button.

UPDATE: As of 2020/06/24 this alternate way doesn't work anymore (or at least it doesn't seem to work with non-openened numbers, previously opened ones seems fine) You can still try it in case they enabled it again, but keep in mind it probably won't work.

So, this version contains an option (disabled by default) that when enabled allows you to open numbers in a non-standard way.
WhatsApp provides this wa.me urls (and variants) to open numbers, that's what my app uses, so by using it you are basically opening urls, and so there is no risk unless you start spamming people. This has the disadvantage that you can only open 'real' apps, so the dual apps in Samsung or duplicated apps usually doesn't work (they are virtual copies).

Here is the thing: there is a way to open numbers in WhatsApp by using a different intent, an internal one. With this intent dual apps may be compatible but this entry point is non standard, so it may stop working in the future. The big issue however is that this entry point skips the available number check, so even if you enter an incorrect number the chat screen will open. By talking to 'invalid' numbers your account may be at risk, so if you want to test this PLEASE make sure the number you entered is correct and valid. This also requires specifying a non-spaces text, so by default a dot '.' is written (in the chat textbox, won't be sent unless you press the send button).

For this reason the procedure to enable the setting is long and complex. By performing the following steps you accept that I can't be held responsible for damages that may happen by using the app (a "No responsibility" disclaimer, even though technically there is one already by using the app normally). The setting can be disabled again if you want to try but prefer to revert to be safe.

Steps to enable/disable the dual compatibility option:
- Open the app
- Press the bottom right button (down arrow) to extend the screen and show the message textbox
- Enter _dual_ (only those 6 letters) in the message box
- Press the bottom right button (up arrow) to reduce the screen and hide the message textbox
- Enter any number in the number textbox (a 1 is enough, simply to enable the open button)
- Long press the open button
If you did them correctly a disclaimer popup will be shown to enable it. By performing the same steps again the setting will be disabled instead.

Once the setting is enabled, long pressing the open button will open the dual intent (remember to remove the "_dual_" text before trying first). You can still single click it as usual.
The best way to avoid any problems is to first click the open button to open normally. If a chat opens (so you are sure that number exists) then go back and long tap to open in the dual app. If it says that the number doesn't exist, then don't long tap. If you follow this procedure it should be fine, and theoretically you should not have any problem, the problem arises when you long tap with numbers that doesn't exist, because a chat screen will be shown regardless without any message warning about being invalid (and I don't want to know what will happen if you write to an nonexistent number). Also remember that a dot is prewritten in the textbox, because this alternate intent requires a non-spaces text.

Use with care.

04 April 2020

New version of Preview video (V 1.0)


Well, there is no new version (same apk as the last beta) but I published it as a stable because why not, there are already some few users with it and I don't know if I'll be able to update it, but it is already usable.
I'll publish it on GitHub too in the following days.

02 April 2020

New version of Average data usage widget (V 2.2)

V 2.2
- Allow changing number of decimals data numbers show
- Allow showing data in GB instead of MB
- Make history screen react to tweaks too (keep bar at 100% tweak)

I wanted to make more changes for this version (mainly the 'day/week period'), but I've been busy with other projects, so better publish this now and I'll make more changes in the future.